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So what would you like to know?!  I have a gorgeous 20 year old daughter, Hollie and I am wife to Graham, who I have been married to for four years.  I live in Seaburn, Sunderland which is in the North East of England. I was lucky enough to move here 7 years ago after meeting my husband, achieving one of my dreams of living next to the sea.

Before I met Graham, I was a single parent for a number of years, which was tough! When Hollie was born I was in a dysfunctional relationship and realised it would be better for both of us to go it alone.  I am fortunate to have a close circle of family and friends who helped and supported me with Hollie’s upbringing and I can’t thank them enough for that.

When I became a single parent, I was unemployed and living on benefits and thought, “Okay Cheryl now is the time to get out there and make something of yourself and make Hollie proud”.  I was so driven in my career to provide a lovely home and a life that we both deserved. So I got numerous promotions in corporate organisations. During this time I discovered my passion for making a difference, I realised how satisfied it made me to help others to truly live up to their full potential…. And actually I was pretty good at it.  

I then found Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)  which literally changed my life! Being adopted at 3 weeks old and growing up in a white community in the 70’s, was a struggle for me as I was unsure of my identity and always wanted to fit into the crowd and be accepted. This led me to carrying insecurities throughout my life into my late 30’s.  During my two years becoming an NLP Master Practitioner, I ‘found myself’. I became calmer and more in control and simply a better version of myself. It was then I realised that to live into my dream life and full purpose I was meant to spend my time coaching and helping those who want to change something.

And now is that time! I feel so blessed and fortunate to partner with Donna as she is an amazing, beautiful human being. I feel proud to have Co-Founded our movement together, Donna has and will always be an inspiration to me, she is incredible!  I can’t wait to help others to live into their full purpose and dream life, as I feel like I am living my dream!


Fun Facts

I used to be in the Ryhope Allstars Jazz Band, which involved travelling around the country every weekend, I absolutely loved it.  Especially when I was appointed the position of lead kazooist, we had to have a kazoo off at the end of every competition which I was quite good at.  My favourite tune was Big Country. I was about to be promoted to the big bass drum but I had to leave as it was too much hassle for my Mam and Dad and I was not happy!

I also got to star in  TV commercial, the filming was 9am - 6pm for a 30 second commercial which I found astonishing.  My role was to stand to be a pretend gospel singer standing in the middle of a real gospel choir miming the words and swaying from side to side clicking my fingers.  It was very interesting being part of the process, however a very long day. I only got paid £50 and only saw the commercial on the TV once!

I used to be a member of the Sunderland Harriers, I got involved as Hollie was a brilliant sprinter.  Rather than standing on the sidelines three times a week, I decided to get involved. I even competed in veterans races and this is where I met my husband.  So when I went to Hollie’s sports day and they announced they were having a parents race you can imagine how confident I was, not really thinking about the fact I had a skirt and sandals on I walked up to the start line ready to cream the competition, and after my first step, I fell over and skidded along the grass almost covering the full 100 metres.  I stood up highly embarrassed, looked across to Hollie and she was crying her eyes out, then I looked down to see that I was covered in grass stains. Never to be repeated again!


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