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Two years ago I went to see the doctor as I was extremely tired, I was addicted to eating ice and I was suffering from extremely heavy periods.  I felt run down and thought I may be anaemic.


The Diagnosis

I explained my symptoms to the doctor, who asked to examine my tummy.  She then advised she thought I had fibroids. I had never heard of fibroids, and was confused as I had been suffering from heavy periods for quite some time and was prescribed iron tablets, however my tummy had never been examined.  I was referred to the hospital for scans and they confirmed I had a bulky uterus! Now this was all new language to me, however it did not sound good.


The Recommendation

I was then referred to see a consultant to discuss my ‘bulky uterus’ and after some pretty intense examinations, they confirmed I had fibroids the size of a 22 week pregnancy.  This explained the reason for my swollen tummy! I had noticed this increasing and was putting it down to the food I was eating and poor digestion.


So I turn up to my appointment to discuss treatment options and was advised as my fibroids were so large and due to the fact that I did not want anymore children, the recommendation was to have a hysterectomy. I have already had major surgery and everything went well, however I was not keen on jumping straight in and agreeing to have my bits whipped out.  



Refusing to accept that a hysterectomy was my only option, I paid to see a private doctor to find out his opinion and was told that if he I was his wife he would also recommend the operation.  Needless to say, I was quite disappointed with this and carried out some research to look into different options. I thought there must be another way to improve my symptoms that did not involve a major operation.  


I returned to my consultant to advise I was still unsure about making the decision and he offered twelve month treatment of hormone injections which would stop my periods. I accepted this as it was putting off having the operation and monthly injections into my stomach. This meant I was in the temporary menopause and I also took HRT to prevent side effects.  Don’t get me wrong, I felt great for the 12 months but in the back of my mind I wondered what damage I may be doing to myself in the long term, as this drug can cause cancer and osteoporosis.


Trust your gut instincts

The time was looming to come to the end of the treatment and again I would have to confirm if I wanted the operation.  Something in me was telling me this was not the right decision for me, so I started to research natural remedies. I found a great book which was about the miracle cures to fibroids.  It was full of stories from women in the same position as myself, who had managed to reduce and eliminate their fibroids altogether through a combination of diet, exercise, herbs, and meditation.  So I thought, well if they can do it so can I!


Overcoming Scepticism

When I told people about what I had researched, I was met with scepticism and I was regaled with stories about women they knew who had the operation and never looked back.  But I knew, this was not the way for me and I had also heard just as many stories of complications.


Then, a few weeks after my treatment ended, I was sat in a waiting room and got chatting to the receptionist about my condition as they had experienced similar problems and they told me about a naturopathic who could help me...


The Results

I did not hesitate to book in a consultation.  Within a month I had my 1st session and was set a 30 day diet plan to start to reduce the inflammation of the fibroids.  Within 2 weeks, I noticed a huge difference. I was less bloated, my eczema which had really flared up was clearer and I felt the best I had in ages!


New Me

After 30 days I felt like a different person, significantly reducing simple carbs and sugar and eating more complex carbs was really working for me.  It was also clearing out my ‘leaky gut’ and detoxing my liver. I also invested in hormone testing, which revealed that my progesterone was too low which is why I had developed the fibroids and gained lots of weight.


I am now on a follow up eight week plan, which involves the same healthy eating, combined with exercise and herbal supplements.  I have lost 1 ½ stone so far, my eczema has significantly improved, my periods have dramatically reduced and I feel fantastic in myself, just like the old me...I am yet to have a scan to see the actual reduction in my fibroids but I know based on all of the evidence, they have reduced.  


I am excited to continue on with my new lifestyle and look forward to my next consultation to share the results.  You never know, it may lead to this concept being used as a treatment option for millions of women suffering from the same condition who also don’t want their bits whipped out!


“Trust your gut, it knows what your head has not worked out yet”! - Cheryl Lee


Love & Hugs,


Cheryl xx



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