Self-confidence 5 Top Tips

Confidence is an inside job - the issue that many of us have is that we look externally to try and get the validation we need to feel good about ourselves. That will only ever be short term! So here are our 5 top tips on how to get yourself confident from inside out!

1. Don’t think about what other people think

We spend waaaay too much time worrying about what other people think, when they probably never gave us a thought in the first place. No offence, but mostly people are busy concerning themselves with their own issues! Unless you actually ask them, you have no idea what they’re thinking.  This one is a no-brainer. Just park doing this. When you notice that you’re asking yourself what other people think of you, just let the thought go right through your head and take no further action on the thought!

2. Try something new  

Give something new a go! What’s the thing you’ve been wanting to do for a while? A new hobby, online dating, an art class, learning a new language?  Whatever it is, you’ve had on your mind to give a go for the last few years - go do it now! The happiness and fun you will have will help to create more positive associations in your mind and build your inner-confidence.

3. Master your self-talk

This is absolutely crucial! What you say to yourself on a consistent basis becomes your reality. You believe what you tell yourself you are! So, are you kind to yourself? Are you being mean to yourself? Are you very judgemental about yourself and others? Make a note of how you speak to yourself for a few days. Just jot down in a pad or in your phone the kinds of things you’re saying and how frequently.  Then decide if what you’re saying is serving you well and boosting your confidence or detracting from it. Anything that is not serving you, decide what you want to say to yourself instead and create a new, healthier self-talk habit.

4. Celebrate your wins

How often do you give yourself credit for all the good stuff you do, the kind things you do for others, the small victories every day on the way to achieving a bigger goal? Seriously, you have to high-five yourself for these things and start to feel good about what you are actually achieving! It’s so easy to get sucked into constantly striving for more, never being happy with what you have already achieved - it’s exhausting and it’s not sustainable.  Put time in your diary at least once a week to note all of the things you’ve achieved that week and keep a log of them for days when you feel like nothing is moving forward. It’s another powerful way to remind yourself how the great stuff you’re doing!

5. Declutter your life

There will be stuff in your life that is not adding value, whether it’s actual general clutter, bills you need to go pay, papers piling up on the kitchen counter that you need to sort through or people in your life who are not serving you well. These things and their impact can grow and grow over time and they can be a total drain on your energy, often without you realising as the cumulative impact is insidious.  Make a list of the 3 things you need to tackle right now and then go and just do it!

Once you start consistently applying the habits we have outlined here, you will start to see a positive impact in not only your self-confidence but also your energy levels!

Big love,

Donna & Cheryl xx

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