Wonder Women

International Women’s Day for us is a fantastic chance to celebrate women! And we never miss a chance to celebrate women here at NIYT HQ. We are different. That’s a good thing, let’s just celebrate the beauty of that! So it’s time to take a load off, grab your decaf-non-fat-non-fun latte and have five minutes with us. It’s time to celebrate!

Women are awesome. Period.

We could stop just there but we are going to elaborate just a little.  We never cease to be amazed at the number of ways that we as women shine. It doesn’t matter how many things you throw at us, we are like Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator - we just keep coming back! I mean seriously...if ‘bouncebackability’ is really a word (it is now!), then we have it in spades! Don’t we though? We keep smiling, we keep putting our faces on and we keep showing up.  It’s just what we do. I have seen women deal with some incredible, life-changing stuff and still shake themselves off and show up for their shift. “Nobody else is going to do it”, we say. We don’t do it for people to feel sorry for us, we just want to make sure we aren’t letting anyone down. That gift of always thinking of others and that empathetic nature that is instinctive is breathtaking.

Inspector Gadget Arms

Every time we see that cartoon (because Kaleb is watching it), it’s women that spring to my mind. Arms everywhere, utensils popping out, looking one way and talking the other - it’s women that spring to mind!  How often are we doing one thing at a time? Rarely! We can be seen talking on a dial-in, whilst emailing about another agenda and answering a text about where the sports kit is on any given day! Rightly or wrongly, we tend to take on several things at once and are really great at over-stretching ourselves and saying yes before thinking, “Why did I say that, what am I doing?!” - but today we aren’t lecturing you about over-stretching! We are loving the fact that we get stuff done! We reckon the average woman-on-a-mission probably does the work of about four humans working at normal speed! Blink and you’ll miss her. Put something down where it’s not supposed to be and face it, it’s gone for good!

Babies come out of us

Look, we can’t not mention this! We still find this so unreal. The fact that a baby can be made, grown and delivered from a woman’s body and the body recovers from the event...still really baffles us! I know the animal kingdom does it, yeh yeh but have you seen the size of human baby heads! No wonder it stings a bit. Seriously though, we live in a very pampered western society but when we see programmes where women walk miles to give birth and get the help they need, whilst in labour then are back up walking and working again the next day - wow. Just wow. Nothing but respect, admiration and awe.

Let’s talk

We love a good natter - don’t we? This is how women are the backbone of communities, because our sense of self is so highly driven by how we believe we are perceived by others - so we talk things out. We can put the whole world to rights once we have our girlfriends around us and if you add a few espresso martini’s into the mix, we reckon we could probably actually solve world peace. If there’s also prosecco involved, it’s highly likely that somewhere in that conversation, there will be at least one member of the gang who also believes that she can dance like Beyoncé and another member who believes that she can sing like her. We probably all encourage them and agree wholeheartedly because let’s face it we love our girls and we will encourage them to do anything that makes them happy! Girl therapy like this is probably better than anything money can buy.  

The list is endless

We could talk all day about what makes women special. The love, compassion, loyalty, friendship, empathy, kindness, warmth, community, selflessness, creativity, support...the qualities go on and on. But you know the real stand out reason, the thing that’s probably the most enchanting and endearing about all of it? ...Is that they’ll never really acknowledge how fabulous they really are.

Mothers, Sisters, Grandmothers, Auntie’s, Sisters and Soul-Sisters - here’s to you all. We appreciate you, we applaud you and we honour you!

You are loved

Donna & Cheryl xx

P.S. No men were intentionally offended in the writing of this post - we know you’re pretty great too…
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