Leap of Faith

Would you like to appear live on BBC Radio Newcastle..? We had to pinch ourselves at being asked that question, but when Donna and I were given the opportunity, we didn’t hang about. “Yes please!” was our answer - because the more people we can reach to spread the word - to do all you can to be the best version of you and start living the life of your dreams, the better…

Who would have thought

Eleven months since we started our venture and we have done so many things that put us out of our comfort zone...but this was probably the biggest. Going live on BBC Radio, covering the North of England. Us two! I mean, this was a seriously important moment for us, one that I know we will still be talking about in years to come. The opportunity to share our message, our story, as we always do...in the hope that just one person listening, hears it and makes a positive change in their life.

Donna always gets the voice in her head, her ‘Crazy Lady’ as she calls it, saying, “Who is going to want to hear what you have to say?”, but she knows how to deal with it really quickly and laughs at her now. That’s one of the driving forces we have - knowing that the stuff we talk about, coach our clients on, are techniques that we use every single day to master our own mindset games. For me, I’m the eternal optimist and I don’t suffer from Imposter Syndrome in the same way, so my first response to this offer was purely, “Yes, when can we do it?!”. I know that women (and lots of men!) really need to hear that there’s another way of living instead of just going through the motions of life every day. We don’t want you to be, ‘fine’, we want you to be happy, joyous and ecstatic!

When will it hit us?

This is really what drives us. On the days where we feel like there’s not enough progress or wonder if we are doing the right thing, we get an email, or a message or a call from someone, asking for our help. Someone wanting to change their life, get real and be happy. Then we are reminded (thank you Universe!) of the reason we set out on this journey in the first place. Focusing on who we are doing this for, sharpens the mind. It’s not about us, it’s about the clients having the transformations and telling us they are happier than they’ve been in years. So we focus on that, instead of any nerves we may have.

Bizarrely though, as we chatted in the car on the way to the interview, the nerves didn’t come. We had an excited energy…”Maybe it will hit us when we get there!”, Donna said as we made our way there.  So when we got there, signed in and checked a few emails...we waited for the nerves to hit. Like when you’re having an interview. Or an appraisal that you’re dreading. We kept waiting for the tummy to start churning.

They’re not coming

Then we heard our voices being played over the speakers in reception. Us, talking about Now Is Your Time and what our mission is. We looked at each other, shocked! How was this happening?! Where had that clip come from?! Maybe now was the time we would start to freak out? Nope...we just howled laughing and marvelled that we had just heard our own voices on BBC Radio!

As we were walked through to the studio, sat down and chatted with the Producer, Jane about what would happen next - it dawned on us that the nerves weren’t coming today.  We walked through, met Lisa Shaw and Jayne Middlemiss who was there for the day before we knew it, we were on our first live radio broadcast. It just felt like the most natural thing in the world.

Donna and I enjoyed every single second of it. We were both very present, very conscious to take it all in, soak up the ‘happening’. We have this really weird thing where we usually know what the other is about to say and where we are going with a conversation, so we find it easy to flow with one-another and help fill in any blanks - which is really useful in this kind of scenario!

Soul Sisters

It’s hard to describe how we are together but that’s why we call one-another Soul Sisters. We have always had this very strong connection from the very first time we met. The fifteen years leading up to this just felt like preparation. Like everything had been leading us to that moment - which of course it had. And to the many moments ahead of us…!

Afterwards when we talked about it, we both agreed - we felt very aligned, in tune and connected to the whole experience. Sure, there were things we thought we could have expressed better or words we got a little jumbled but we knew not to pick it apart. We allowed ourselves to be proud of our journey, accept how far we have come on this venture and delight in the ways we are learning more every day. The happiness was the recognition of the level of faith we have in each other and in the path we are on.

Being the best version of you and living your best life isn’t a 12 step plan with clearly drawn out actions, dates and milestones. It’s a vision, a feeling, a knowing that you want to be more. It’s about being happy instead of ‘fine’. It’s being brave instead of safe. It’s about taking a leap of faith that there is more for you than you could even dream was possible.

Take the leap.

Love always,

Cheryl x