Cheryl Laid Bare

Last week when Donna went on holiday for a couple of days, I had a breakout all over my face. So what do I do when I have to coach clients and go Live on Facebook and Instagram. Do I cancel? Or do I get vulnerable and turn up with no makeup on..?

As a woman, no matter how low-maintenance you are, most of us have a bit of warpaint on daily. Whether it’s your eyebrows, your mascara, your powder or lipgloss. And I’m in my mid 40’s so generally speaking, it’s nice to touch up my face a little as it does make me feel good. But when I got this infection last week, that would have been totally counter-intuitive to my skin healing.

As the Universe would have it, our weekly Low Down (our weekly love letter to our movement!) was all about loving your body, yourself and accepting yourself as you are.  Can you believe that? What are the odds.

So I had a choice

1. Be brave and vulnerable and really demonstrate to the world that Donna and I practice what we preach - that we do keep it real and that we do the internal work to build up our knowing that we are more than this shell our energy inhabits.


2. Cancel our usual Lives and apologise to our One on One clients that I didn’t look myself at all.

Well, I was never really going to choose 2 was I?!

As I went Live, playing This Is Me from the Greatest Showman (mine and Donna’s song) I felt a sense of empowerment greater than you can imagine. Here I was, no facade, no mask - just me. And I know in my heart that's enough.

Did I always feel this way? Hell no! But I have been doing my inner work for years now. Years. I have a daily spiritual practice that has given me a self-confidence that I would never have believed I would have years ago, when I was a stressed out, struggling single parent who bent herself out of shape frequently to be what others wanted her to be. 

My daily affirmations, self-care routine and meditation are a big part of my practice and like all great habits, they have a compound effect over time. The layers and layers and building an inner strength and a deep knowing of who I am as a person - so a rash on my skin is just that. It doesn’t define me at all and I really don’t give much mind to what other people may think.

My self-perception has changed beyond recognition

And I guess what I realised last Thursday, was just how far I had come and just how good that felt.

How about you? I want you to have this freedom too! To have this knowing that you’re enough and the self-assurance to not give a shit what others opinion of you is!

So come talk to me about how that would look for you. Get help. Get a Coach. Get your headspace to where you deserve it to be!

Do it now!

Love and hugs,

Cheryl xx

P.S. Want to check out the video? Here you go!

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