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We are Donna & Cheryl - Breakthrough Coaches, mothers and strong women

Our belief is that through sharing our life lessons with the world and being brave enough to be our authentic selves, we will lead others to feel inspired enough to do the same. We want you to wake up and start really living your life, free from self-doubt and fear - You have the right to live your best life!

are you ready..?


Group packages

Our group programmes are designed to deliver results while you learn and share the experience with others on the same journey. They are tailor made to tackle specific areas that are a challenge for you, whether that’s overcoming confidence issues, losing weight or becoming your authentic self.


One on One

If you want a VIP coaching experience that delivers fast results, then there’s no better way than to have your own personal Coach. Make the best investment possible for yourself and chose from our variety of packages to find the one that best suits what you need right now!

Corporate services

We know how important it is to get it right with your people. Whether that’s working with us to develop a leadership programme, creating a cultural change programme or as Motivational Speakers at your events - we are here to make the transformational change a whole lot easier.

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"What we discovered was nothing I would have ever imagined."

/  Claire Hetherington Darr, Managing Director at Newhouse + Noblin LLC /

“The work the girls do is all about change and transition, they got to the bottom of what was holding me back, where my blocks really were”

/ Jules white, The Entrepreneur’s Sales Coach, Dragon Slayer , Author /