The secret to our success as Leaders in our corporate careers, was our teams.

Developing leadership teams who are authentic, driven and engaged is a skill...

Now, we want to work with you and show you how to create the same success!

Why work with us?…


Our business is all about people - we want to help you with your people too...

After over twenty years in successful award winning, international senior leadership roles in the corporate world, we have ventured out into our own coaching services business.   

As Leaders in large scales roles for many years and achievers of world class employee engagement scores multiple times, we know what it takes to be outstanding as a Leader of people. To engage and connect with your people so that they bring not only their skills to work every day but also their hearts and minds. To develop the kind of teams that turn customers into raving fans of your products, services and brand.   

What we did so successfully, was to develop these teams by being authentic - long before it was even a buzzword!  For us, this was the right, natural thing to do and now we love working with people to show them how. We know you want to get it right for your customers - that starts with getting it right for your people.

Leadership is key



In an age where all organisations are striving to be faster, more agile, more competitively priced - it really is your people that will make you stand out to your customers.

We all know that investing in people is critical to a well trained, knowledgeable and efficient workforce.  Yet from our experience, most of the training budget goes on induction, skill and system based training. All essential granted.  That won’t help you win your hearts and minds though!

People go to work for the money to pay their bills usually, but they have a much higher propensity to stay with that role or that organisation, if they feel a connection to their purpose and the brand. For that, their Leader is crucial.   

Authenticity is the gold standard for leadership.  However there is more to being an authentic Leader than just being an authentic person. Leadership is a skill.  We want to help your organisation to hone these skills in your leadership community, help them develop the personal level of authenticity and self-awareness that they need - so that they can become the Leaders that people deserve to have.   

The services we offer

Here is a range of what we can do for you and your organisation...

Leadership Development -

Sometimes you have specific gaps within your Leadership community, if you know what they are then great, we can come up with the solution. If you’re struggling to really get to grips with where it’s not quite the well-oiled machine you would like it to be, then we can support you with that too.

Recruitment -

Are you bringing the right people into your business in the first place? Is your process really geared to attract the right DNA, so the people who work for you are ready to bring hearts and minds to work? It’s so important to invest time and energy in this part of your people’s journey so that’s where we can help.

Culture -

Taking your organisation through a cultural change or transformation programmes can be incredibly challenging and it’s something you need to nail. Sometimes what is needed is that external support from experts, who are experienced in leading people through change and have both the theory and the experience to call upon.


Authentic Leadership Coaching & Mentoring -

We work with your business and provide coaching services to your Leadership teams directly to improve their Leadership abilities, focusing on authentic leadership behaviour and best in class coaching techniques that deliver results.

Talent -

Are you identifying, nurturing and promoting well within your business? If you’re not and you are always needing to look externally, then it could well be that we can help you improve this area of your business.

Motivational Speaking -

We speak from the heart and use our life lessons to motivate and inspire your teams.  Key topics we can cover for you are The Power of Authentic Leadership, Mindset for Success, and Breaking Through Fear.

How do we do this?


Working with us is a personal experience, we want to get to know you...

  • We get to know your organisation, your current culture and your requirements

  • Identify what gaps and needs there are within your business against your desired end state

  • Provide an overview of the kinds of services we believe would engage and connect both you and your people

  • Create a tailored, bespoke package for your organisation which can range from Executive 121 coaching to group coaching sessions

  • Work with you over a period of time to deliver, implement and embed the cultural change

Benefits to you!


We are pretty sure you know this already but organisations who invest in their people have...

  • Higher levels of employee engagement and feeling that their organisation cares

  • Heightened levels of emotional awareness in the leadership community

  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Increased financial results

  • Lower staff attrition

  • Decreased absence levels

  • Enhanced brand awareness

Let’s work together and see how we can make your organisation stand out from the crowd through your people...

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Success Stories

“I spent time with Cheryl exploring how to put my goals into action. By the end of our sessions I was literally jumping up and down on a high and felt like I had had an out of body experience. Cheryl methodically helped me break through barriers I had put up for 30 years.”

- Claire Hetherington Darr, Managing Director and Member of Board of Directors


I really didn’t know what to expect, initially, I felt disappointed when Cheryl told me she wouldn’t be giving me the answers and I would find them for myself. What...No, I thought, that’s what Cheryl needs to do and make me feel like me again!!!

How wrong was I, I had the answers and I’d had them all along, the amazing coaching techniques help me to understand ‘why’ I was having these crazy stupid thoughts, I can call them crazy and stupid now as I no longer have them or very rarely.

-Nicola Jones, Operations Manager Tesco Bank