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Episode 16 -Jody Shakespeare

When Jody was 20, this all star student who had moved cities to go to her scholarship took her first major life pivot - she walked away from her degree. Since then, she has built an incredibly successful career - without a degree as her Professor at school had predicted - and has also walked away from that. Find out why, in this fascinating podcast with a woman who is a boardroom rebel, she takes these life u-turns...

Episode 17 -Camilla Whishaw

Growing up on a farm in Australia, helping with the horses, being an athlete and competing as a teenager at an international level - that was Camilla’s reality as a teenage girl. She had a supportive family and a dad who adored her.  A diagnosis of whooping cough then was the first diagnosis made and there was much worse to come. A difficult and challenging journey led to Camilla realising her true passion, purpose and faith

Episode 18 -Parnaz Ehsaan

Being a teenager can be tough. At just sixteen years old, Parnaz was having a tough time at home, at school and with her friendships - this left her dealing with high levels of anxiety and very much feeling she had hit her pit. Find out how she went from feeling like her entire world was crumbling around her to knowing you can achieve anything you set your mind to...

Episode 13 - JULIE RIDDLE

When Julie was just four years old, she went in to wake her baby brother and couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t wake up.  Life would never be the same for any of the family and it left a deep wound in Julie that understandably affects her to this very day. How does it impact your teenage years, your relationships - what happens when you become a parent after this kind of tragedy? Find out from Julie, in this raw Life Lessons Podcast, as she talks publicly through the fallout for the very first time.

Episode 14 - Lucie Quigley

Twelve months before we spoke to Lucie she found herself living back in her parent’s basement after moving back to the city she was originally from, leaving her husband and one of her son’s behind in Nova Scotia.  Knowing she needed her life to change, Lucie came up with her ‘Fab 5’ - the five things she wanted to live by. Lucie took exceptional measures, to create change for herself from what she called a ‘desperate position’ and shares with us what she has learned from this crisis point...

Episode 15 -Jessica Cording

Growing up, Jessica was surrounded by family who weren’t in great health - cancer, heart-conditions and dysfunctional relationships with food. As a young woman, Jessica realised after some ‘uncomfortable learning moments’, that she needed to really be an advocate for her own health. She tells us how aiming to have a happy home life and pleasing others, actually meant she tuned out of her own body. Find out from her about how just having some eggs meant taking a big stand for herself and how she started to take herself seriously...

Episode 10 - Alexandra Smith

Miscarriage is an emotional and difficult thing to deal with, so as Alex was desperate to have her fourth baby to complete her family young family, imagine the devastation of then enduring three miscarriages in just a year. We get an insight into how it feels to have that kind of grief to deal with but also still having the urge that your family isn’t yet what it is destined to be.  Alex talks us through what these events were like for not just her, but also for her husband and her three small children and the emotional rollercoaster they’ve been on in their quest to make their family whole.

Episode 11 - linda clay

Twenty years ago, Linda had the year that she described her ‘WTF year’. Her husband got sick from out of the blue and a chain of events that followed left Linda as a single parent again, this time to her Granddaughter, without a job or a home and in a U-Haul driving to the other side of the country to start over.  In our moving conversation with Linda, we find out where she found the strength to keep going and how she has dealt with the ocean of grief from losing her husband and how that affects her to this day

Episode 12 - Carolina Vee

At just eight years old, Carolina was sexually assaulted for the first time, by her maternal Grandfather.  With an already difficult relationship with her Mother who was physically and mentally abusive to her, she still managed to share with her Mother what had happened. However without knowing as a child what action was taken, she remained quiet while she was abused by other family members. Find out in this powerful podcast how this impacted Carolina as a teenager, why she called herself a ‘Monster’ and how she refused to allow what she came from to determine what she became…

Episode 7 - Moriah Arrunategui

Moriah is a successful, young female entrepreneur, yet as a young child at just four years old, she was diagnosed with having bipolar disorder, epilepsy and ADD. The challenges these conditions provided for Moriah as a young woman, hugely amplified the challenges we all have growing up. Amongst some of these difficulties were suicidal thoughts, being bullied and going to eight different schools were just some of them.

Episode 8 - sandra mackowiak

Her Father was an abusive alcoholic and with several failed escape attempts, Sandra recalls vividly what those experiences were like as a child when her Father would catch up with her, her Mother and her older Brother. She shares how this difficult upbringing full of guilt and lack of self-worth, affected her as she became a young woman and how she’s making sure her experiences are paid forward.

Episode 9 - christine chen

Can you imagine living in over 20 countries - sounds glamourous? Well it can be incredible but it’s also tough when you’re child being a global citizen.  Knowing how to fit in to all those cultures but always feeling like an outcast, even when you go back to your own country,


Episode 4 - Heather McDonald Part One

Heather, mum of 3 gorgeous children has overcome several significant life events and gone on to set up her own successful business. Heather’s story is so awesome we have split it into 2 parts to ensure you get to hear how she achieved this…part 2 is next!

Life Lessons with podcast artwork - episode 6HEATHER MCDONALD PART TWO.jpg

Episode 5 - Heather McDonald Part TWO

After the most traumatic and difficult period of her life which all took place over just seven months, in Part 2 we explore how Heather put herself back together and how she kept moving forward. She shares with us how she found her true path and the courage to turn her life around…

Life Lessons with podcast artwork - episode 4 SIERRA RENEE.jpg

Episode 6 - SIERRA RENEE

Dealing with homelessness more than once, being bullied at school, having a mother who lived with bipolar disorder, was just some of the ‘chaos’ as Sierra describes is that she had to live with - whilst still trying to be a big sister and role-model to her four younger sisters. Turning her challenges into gifts, she describes for us how she now uses her experiences to pay it forward and motivate her on her entrepreneurial journey at just 19 years old…


Episode 1 - Jules White

Jules is an author, a mother, a business woman and was one of the people to walk away with the Dragons in the Den saying, “Yes”!  With a newborn baby, Jules had the world at her feet then things started to unravel, leaving Jules with painful decisions to make…

Episode 2 - Stephen Lewis

Stephen is a fit, healthy and strong husband and father.  You would never know when you meet him, that his health was once in crisis. Newly married at the time, the turn of events that followed gave Stephen a huge wake up call and the opportunity to take stock of his life…

Episode 3 - Claire Hetherington Darr

A few years ago, Claire’s dreams were coming true - an incredible career, a devoted husband and a beautiful daughter, Lydia. All their prayers were answered when they were blessed with another baby girl Ava but just a few weeks later, they received some shocking news...